Update # 3

I am now reaching the end of my album and will hopefully have it complete by the end of April. There will then follow a period of promotion ready for release in August. I am very proud of this album and this marks the end of a chapter for me. This will likely be the last album written exclusively using iPad technology allowing me to pursue other musical projects. It has been an intensive 4 years with an album each year and I have learnt a lot during this process.

Update #1

Update #2 

Progress has been slow as of late on the album due to other commitments but I have managed to write the last section to part one. I am currently working on a big guitar solo to add to this. Ideas for other sections in part two are forming in my mind but I have yet to put these down in the studio. The plan is to have the album complete by May ready to promote and release officially in August. The cold weather always makes life harder so I am looking forward to a nice hot summer release.

Update #1 

I am planning to keep a diary of updates on the new album to show you the process involved and the progress I am making. Before Christmas I had completed about two thirds of part one and a third of part two but then focussed on the single release in December. Since Christmas I have done very little physical work on the album but have been thinking a lot about the direction it is heading. I would like to share some of the confirmed details I have about the album thus far.

The album will feature four parts. Part one and two will both be long tracks (between 15 and 20 minutes each) and then part three will be shorter and will be familiar to those who purchased the single. Part four will be somewhere in between (likely 8-10 minutes) and due to popular demand as a bonus track I will also be including The Boy Inside The Christmas Tree.

There will be 5 tracks in total with contributions from Justin Towell on guitar. I am also considering female voice at points in the album but this is yet to be confirmed.

Wednesday 9th January sees me return to the studio to work on the ending section of part one.

That's all for now but I will post more updates very soon.