In Memory Of Chris Locke (Mum)

Going Home

In Memory of Christine Locke (mum)

In August 2017 my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and her life was completely shaken. Throughout the painful process of chemotherapy I suggested writing an album for her and to raise awareness of this terrible condition. My mum had always been my biggest fan and she always put my needs first every step of the way in order to help me as a composer. The piano she got me for my 18th birthday is still used to this day to compose all my current music.

The album Going Home was written during the time that my mum went through chemotherapy, lost her husband, my stepdad Chester all the way up to the final week of her life. She died slowly from this horrific cancer and whilst the period of time was absolutely devastating I always tried to honour my mums wishes to make the album 'catchy'. The album does have reflective moments but if anything it is an album of hope and brightness.

I am so glad that my mum got to hear the album and in fact this was quite possibly the last music she got to hear. I miss her very much and this album will always be in her honour for giving me everything I needed and more.

The album is available to buy from the store page.